Why choose Ripley?

Wide range of powder coatings, matt, gloss or textured finish in any colour
One-off to medium-high volume capacity
100% inspection prior to despatch
Full technical backup

Modern & Efficient

Now fully integrated within our manufacturing site, the plant is modern, efficient, and as environmentally friendly as possible. Contact us to discuss your surface coating requirements.

Service Scope

Pre-treatment – aqueous degreasing and iron phosphating.

Masking Facilities – for paint-free areas such as earthing points, RFI shielding or intentional metal-to-metal contact.

Powder Coating and Convection Curing – flexible online and offline coating and curing with skilled manual spray application.

Max. Work Size – 2000x1100x900mm for powder coated items, 3100x1100x1000mm for hand coated items.


Coatings Range and Batch Size

We offer a wide range of powder coatings; polyester, epoxy and epoxy/polyester hybrids to suit most applications, decorative and/or protective. Different gloss levels and finshes (smooth, textured, leatherette, antique) are possible.

Our well-specified surface coating plant allows us to process batch sizes from a single unit to high volume. We can also handle manual powder coating for oversized units up to 3.1m in length.

Preparation and Quality

To ensure finish quality and longevity, all items undergo degreasing and iron phosphating in the online pre-treatment section of our conveyorized plant. This affords a clean and receptive surface; a good ‘key’ for the metal painting. All goods processed and finished at Ripley Surface Coating Technology are 100% visually inspected.