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Telephone (all enquiries): +44 (0)1256 473940

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Ripley Building

Ripley Engineering (UK) Limited
Unit B The Faraday Centre, Daneshill West Industrial Estate
Basingstoke, Hampshire
RG24 8PD

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Design Communication

The following tables show the file formats that we able to load directly into our CAD/CAM systems, plus other common file formats that we are able to convert, subject to the limitations noted.

We are also happy to receive drawings as PDF or JPEG files, though it should be noted that these cannot be directly manipulated and so are only as useful as "paper and ink" drawings.

File formats native to our CAD/CAM systems

Native File Formats
Internal Software Native file format(s)
Radan .drg
SolidWorks .sldprt; .sldasm; .slddrw

File formats accepted by our CAD/CAM systems. Note that we may also need supplemental engineering drawings.

Convertible File Formats (with limitations, where noted)
File Format(s) Notes Originating
File Format(s) Notes
ACIS .sat Up to v14 IGES .igs Some unspecified import limitations
Adobe Illustrator .ai Up to CS4 Parasolid .x_t; .x_b;
Up to v15. Does not import point data
Autodesk Inventor .ipt Only geometry, not features Pro/Engineer .prt; .xpr;
.asm; .xas
v17 to '01, Wildfire v1 & 2. No assy filters
CADKEY .prt; .ckd Up to v19 (.prt), v21 (.ckd) Solid Edge .par; .psm;
(limitations unknown)
DXF 3D .dxf (limitations unknown) Stereo-lithography .stl (limitations unknown)
DXF / DRG .dxf; .drg Up to AutoCAD 2013 Unigraphics II .prt Parasolid information only
IDF .emn; .brd;
.bdf; .idb
(limitations unknown) VDAFS .vda (limitations unknown)